Historical Child Abuse – Proposed Damage Limitation Strategy

  1.  Curb Reporting – Press on Best behaviour – review perhaps?
  • McAlpine example – seek more!
  • Ensure BBC are “under control!”
  1. Offer up some household names (nations favourites) for borderline child sexual activity in 60’s / 70’s – many likely to be acquitted – look keen to pursue
  • Blame resultant acquittals on media frenzy for celebrities!
  1. Introduce Secret Justice Bill under smokescreen of Gay Marriage Bill
  2. Take hard line on Internet Child Porn – PR success!
  • Ignore Global Paedo searches – resources?
  1. Ignore Historical Allegations wherever possible – avoid specific allegations
  2. Change Policy re naming of those arrested – prevent further allegations – achieved!
  3. Provide Victims and Witnesses with no support, and ensure that they are fully traumatised by the time Court cases are heard – Litigation for Tea!!!!
  4. Forget everything
  5. Say Nothing
  6. Lose everything
  7. Listen to No-one
  8. Pretend to be taking a hard line
  9. Allow the storm to blow over, people will be found innocent, the media will carry the can.
  10. Do not support witnesses or victims – the less credible they are the better!
  • Intimidate where necessary – undermine at all times.

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