Victim’s Code

Another piece of window dressing – the new Victim’s Code.

In Practice, it makes no difference whatsoever, as to how Victims of Historical Abuse are treated.

“We have no instructions of any operational changes as a result of the new Victim’s Code.” – Met Police – January 2014

Here is a link to the Victim’s Code – recently published:

Click to access code-of-practice-victims-of-crime.pdf

Here is the College of Policing Press Release:

A new victims’ code comes into force today which sets out the information, support and services that every victim of crime is entitled to receive from criminal justice agencies in England and Wales.

The new code also sets out enhanced support for victims of the most serious crimes, those who are persistently targeted and victims who are who are classed as being vulnerable or intimidated. It also includes specific sections dedicated to the needs of children and young people, their parents and guardians as well as new provisions for responding to businesses that are victims of crime.

The code, which is legally binding, was published in October 2013 to allow criminal justice agencies, including the police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to implement new processes for responding to victims of crime.

The College of Policing, working with the national policing lead for victims and witnesses, Assistant Chief Constable Gary Cann, will be evaluating the police forces’ implementation of the Code early in 2014.

Assistant Chief Constable Gary Cann said:

“The police service has been actively involved in developing this new code, which will see the extension of existing provisions so that the victims of the most serious crimes and those who have been persistently targeted receive an enhanced service.

“We have been working hard since the code was published in October to ensure that everyone within policing understands our obligations.  It is important that victims of crime across the country receive the same high standards of service and I have asked the College of Policing to evaluate forces’ implementation of the new code in early 2014.

“I look forward to working with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), government and other agencies to ensure that the police service plays our part in continuing to put victims at the centre of the criminal justice system.”

Notes to Editors

The victims’ code can be accessed here.

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