The Police clearly have a difficult job in investigating allegations of historical abuse.

These people are specialists in this area, and spend much of their time wading through the filth of our society. Their focus is on apprehending criminals, but they are human beings, and generally trying to make the world a better place. The time spent working in this area is limited, mainly due to the huge personal impact on them. Spare a thought for the officers who pursue allegations, aware that there is insufficient support for victims, but who do their utmost to make the best of a bad situation. Like a tanker, they leave a huge wake, and they know this but try to control this as best they can.

The Police do not have access to proper support for victims – and they know this! They understand that this is a force-wide issue, and people within the Met Police Paedophile Unit have tried to raise this with ACPO – but with no support???

I have a papertrail to support this, but in one of the greatest ironies of all, I will not publish it, because I do not want to put any of those people in a difficult position!! To paraphrase an email…….”you are totally right! I had 25 handicapped victims in a historical sexual abuse case – and no help to give them, and nowhere to refer them…….I felt useless!” ……I have changed the exact words to prevent internal document searches!

Why have ACPO done nothing about this? Their response is detailed separately. 2013 was a huge year for changes to prevent a repeat of Savile, or so it would appear!

Moreover, despite the “New National Group on Sexual Violence against Children & Vulnerable People,” new CPS guidelines and a new “Victim’s Code” – there is “no known change in Police policy or procedure at an operational level !!!”

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