This site was created to provide a focus for my efforts to campaign for better support for victims of historical child abuse. I am involved in a historical child abuse case, which is very current, and my experiences of the “justice” system have shocked me into doing something about it. I am mindful that “bad things” tend to happen to “whistleblowers”……and perhaps I am whistleblowing on the whole “Victim of Child Abuse Thing!” Please understand that this resource is “work in progress” and that, like life, it just ain’t gonna be perfect!!!!

I hope to build a resource to help to inform debate and debunk some myths, but above all else to fight for better help for victims of childhood abuse. There are lessons to learn beyond childhood abuse, particularly in “psycho-sexual trauma,” which drives so much long-term damage in our society. Ironically, this is all “power based” – and maybe it is time that power is regained, and re-evaluated. “Early Life Trauma” has profound and dramatic impact – let us deal with it!!!

“Power” corrupts! (a new and novel notion I Know!)……..but therefore, where there is power, there may be corruption. Perhaps we should examine all “power” based relationships? Employer – employee? Husband – wife? Judge – jury? Police – citizen? MP – constituent? Male -female? …….and sometimes even Parent – child! The message still resonates………but this Blog is about our society and its’ dealings with Child (….and sometimes Sexual) Abuse.

There is a clear gap in provision of support for Victims of Historical Abuse – this re-traumatises them – effectively abusing them all over again!

Everyone thinks someone else is doing something about it – they are not!

If you would like to contact me – here’s how!

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